Newton Abbot At the Time of The Norman Conquest

At the death of Edward the Confessor on the 5th January 1066, the Manor of Teignwick was in the control of Orduff and he was still alive at the time of the Norman Conquest, which began on 28 September 1066. However after the conquest, Teignwick was transferred into the ownership of Robert, Half brother to William the Conqueror.

To prevent uprisings a defensive castle was built at Highweek

In 1066 Teign Gras (Teigngrace) was held by Ulf and Wolborough was controlled by Susard. After the conquest these manors were held by Ralph de Bruere under Baldwin the Sheriff

Bradley Manor was held by Edmer prior to the conquest, and after by the Norman Haimerie de Arcis, or Emery d’Arges

Newtone Manor passed from Aluric to Godebold.